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The founder of our Mystical Pearl Beauty Dust specalizes in Manufacturing high quality pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. They take full advantage of natrual recources that grow in Qiba Mountainous Areas of East Asia and develop quality prouct to meet market demand. They have advanced extraction, separation, purification, drying and testing equipment. The Company monotors the material, analizes the product according to standard and guarantees the safety and stability of production quailty. They have a long-term and stable quality control capacity. They conduct "Product quality Trend Aalysis" through a series of methods such as quality test data and quality review. They keep a tight control on purity and production.

Environment of production is the priority for product quality. The environment of production is regularly tested in accordance with quality management procedure to prevent the environment from being polluted and affecting the quality of the medicine. In order to guarantee sound environment of production, The pharmacy workshop completely accords with the requirements of GMP.

Employess operational skills and understanding and attitude toward quality are critical factors to determin the medicine quailty. As for the requirements for employees, all are techically skilled and pass GMP training. By doing so they understand the importance of standard operational procedures and put them into daily work to form normative habit. The company strengthens the training and guidance for employees to intensify the consciouness that "Quality is Life".


Comes in 1 & 2 oz jars
5oz pkgs, 1/2 kg & 1 kg pkg

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