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Anti Wrinke 55 Gold, Supreme Peptide
Wrinke Cream & Sarah's Pearl Crème

The Ultimate Face Firming and Conditioning Package. Exfoliates, softens, silkens, nourishes, hydrates, tones, tightens and firms skin powerfully. A Truly Dynamic Skin Care Treatment. Once you indulge in this skin perfecting treatment, you will feel and look like you've returned to the fountain of youth. It takes old and under-nourished skin and retores it to it's natural, lustrous beauty.

The Ultimate skin firming serum, Anti Wrinkle 55 Gold Serum, often described as a magic potion, is superior and enhances and accentuates all other facial creams and serums. You will not believe what your skin will feel and look like after just one application. This is the World's NO 1 Anti Aging Serum.

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The Supreme Cream of all being, the World's NO. 1 Moisturizing Cream will enhance and replenish your skin. Supreme Peptide Wrinkle Cream provides refreshing moisture to skin cells to reduce roughness, reduce wrinkle depth and restoring natural, youthful elasticity - leading to reduction or elimination of wrinkles and reversing pre-mature skin aging.

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Sarah's Pearl Crème is the ultimate skin silkening formula. You will feel like the Empress herself when you wake up in the morning after indulging in sleep with this rich, lush, fluffy, weightless, vitamin enriched cream absorbed into your skin. It's La Crème de la Crème, causing your skin to be soft as silk, lubricous and smooth. You'll arise and wash it off, apply anti wrinkle 55 Gold, then Supreme Peptide Cream and it will be your secret for returning to the fountain of youth.

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