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As we age, so do our teeth and gums. They go through tremendous changes during the aging process, even if you have taken excellent care of them. It's a natural process, tantamount to your body, as you age everything in your physical structure slowly deteriorates.

Cleaning our teeth and chewing cause our teeth to wear away, and as we continue to age, the aging dentin (the tooth's middle layer) holds stain easier than younger dentin. A sticky invisible film builds up on your teeth and traps stains, causing your teeth to become dark and yellow.

And along with dark and yellow teeth comes receding gums, which means the gum tissue breaks away from the teeth, leaving the roots exposed and tender. This makes your teeth more vulnerable to tooth decay, cold and hot, and Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease,) a leading cause of tooth loss.

We also loose bone in our jaw and around our teeth as we age, causing our teeth to become loose and fall out. The bone in the jaw supports and anchors the teeth. When the jawbone becomes less dense, tooth loss can occur, or they may have to be pulled out. Low bone density in the jaw can result in other dental problems as well. For example, older women with osteoporosis may be more likely to have difficulty with loose or ill-fitting dentures and may have less optimal outcomes from oral surgical procedures.

Simple steps such as brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily are important in combating teeth yellowing, receding gums, and gum disease, but unfortunately that cannot completely win the battle.

Pearl Powder is a teeth whitening dream for polished pearly whites, and an excellent jawbone deterioration treatment, it can cause bone loss in jaw and around teeth to grow. Brushing your teeth with pearl powder provides you with beautiful white teeth, Preventative benefits, and also helps with sensitive teeth, receding gums, gum inflammation, gum disease, and bone loss. And consuming it internally stimulates the regeneration of lost oral tissues such as bone, gum and teeth, and causes bone cells to grow and stops the cells that eat bone.

Pearl Powder is ground/milled to just the right level of fineness to help remove stains away without being too abrasive, and is very absorbable when taken internally.

• Whitens Enamel & Restores Color
• Eliminates Stains & Discoloration
• Improves Oral Overall health
• Helps prevent receding gums & gum disease
• Improves Smile Profile & Self-Confidence
• Stops bone loss and causes bone cells to grow
• All Natural Powder, No Chemical Sensitivity

When bruising your teeth with Pearl Powder, it does not make your teeth look synthetic or as if they have been bleached. Your teeth will return to their natural beauty, like they did in your youth. It is safe to use everyday, and works on every type of stain for the brightest teeth you've ever seen. Our High Quality Pearl Powder has also shown dramatic results on dentures and veneers.

There is no record of animal testing with Pearl Powder and has a long history of use in traditional medicines and cosmetics.


1. Wet toothbrush thoroughly with water, dip brush in powder, and brush for approx. 2-3 minuets. It whitens teeth instantly. Or apply your favorite toothpaste to your brush and wet, then dip it in the Powder, and brush. You may also combine pearl powder with baking soda for an extra boost of whitening

2. You may also put the powder directly on your teeth with your fingers, then keep your mouth open for a few minuets and let Pearl Powder do it's work.

3. Polish your teeth. Take your index finger, dip it in the pearl powder, put it on one tooth and rub your finger up and down the entire tooth, about 5 times. Make sure you get in-between the teeth. This helps buff off the stains easily.

If you want a whitening treatment that does not contain fluoride, peroxide or other harsh chemicals, and is as simple as brushing your teeth, you want to give this All-Natural Pearly White Powder a try.


For Dentures

Got Dentures? This is the BEST denture whitener. Whiten and brighten dentures in minutes at home without scratching or having to take them out to soak overnight. Whitens much better than commercial dental cleansers, naturally. You'll see a dramatic difference after the first brush. Also whitens Veneers.

Simply put powder on your toothbrush and brush for 2-3 minuets, and rinse. Do this daily.

There is No need to take them out.

Bone Loss

1. Add 1/4 -1/2 tsp pearl powder to your favorite cold drink in the morning, and be consistent. Pearl Powder is a bone strengthener; your bones will strengthen around your loose teeth, depending on how loose they are.

2. Put Pearl powder directly on your toothbrush and brush each tooth to the count of 5. Rinse. Do this every morning and evening.

Take control of your own dental care!

If you want a teeth whitening treatment that does not contain fluoride, peroxide or other harsh chemicals, and is as simple as brushing your teeth, you want to give this All-Natural Pearly White Powder a try.


Pearl Powder works wonders on my dentures, better than any store bought cleaner I have ever used. I will continue to use this product, it makes a Huge difference, and I no longer have to soak them over night.

I tried the stips to whiten my teeth, but it was way too painful. I also used baking soda, bleach, and nothing seemed to work. So I decided to try pearl powder and I was amazed. In fact the next time I went to the dentist she asked me what I was using on my teeth, and I told her "Pearl Powder." And I only had used it one time. I Highly recommend it.

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