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Sarah's Pearl Cream
La Creme de la Creme

It is said that Pearls become more beautiful with age. Now You Can too. Discover the treasures from the deep blue sea and bring the flawless, luminosity of this exquisite jewel to your skin.

The ABCs of skincare start with Sarah's Pearl Cream: vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin C and all the powerhouse players in the skin-support alphabet! Pearl Powder is incorporate into a rich antioxidant cream, steeped with vitamins A, B5, C & E, soothing Aloe Leaf Juice, organic jojoba oil, loaded with beta-carotene-rich carrot oil, moisturizing avocado oil, rosehip seed oil, Retinal and more.

This "Luxury" cream is also formulated with Supepower Pearl Powder, Argireline, Hyaluronic Acid, Omega 3's, Essential Fatty Acids, and an Explosion of other vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. This is your skins dream cream.

The Pearl Powder in this ultra rich Pearl Cream is Top of the line, finely crushed pearls, 4000 mesh for Perfect absorbability and efficacy. We aced the tests by WHO GMP for product control, integrity, purity and safety. Our 100% Pure Pearl Powder brings to your skin a natural source of calcium, 18 amino acids, including 10 essential amino acids necessary to maintain cell nutrition.

This light, rich, fluffy Cream is abounding in protein and vitamin enriched, formulated to hydrate skin and diminish lines and wrinkles. A sure cure for dry, aging skin.This Cream is La Creme de la Creme - Your age defying secret.

In order to replenish our skin from the pollution and elements of the earth, there are certain ingredients we need for the return of our natural, baby-like skin. First we need the Peptide Argireline! Argireline is a powerful anti-wrinkle hexapeptide with a Botulinum Toxin-inspired activity. It's a Botox alternative and has become one of the most sought after anti-aging agents on the market.

This Luxury Pearl Cream is enriched with vitamins, minerals, omega 3's, protein, amino acids and other trace element, along with Hyaluronic Acid one of the most exciting ingredients on the market today...100% vegan approved, to boost the elasticity and hydration of the skin. It is the ideal ingredient in skin care products as it adjusts to the skins need for a moisturizing effect depending on the relative humidity of seasons and climate of an area. Hyaluronic acid protects the epidermis by scavenging reactive oxygen species generated by ultra violet light which would normally cause sunspots.

Daucus carota (Carrot Seed) Oil, has a nearly magical rejuvenating effect on the skin, to not only soften and smooth the skin, but to assist with cell growth and skin rejuvenation.

Other benefits of using Sarah's Pearl Cream include: Skin Healing and brightening, anti-wrinkle, and sun protection. Other anti-aging benefits: Helps to promote cell renewal, enhance elasticity, protects from environmental radicals, regulates skin discoloration, and smooths skin texture. It promotes growth of new cells, supplying nutrients to skin (thus to make skin softer and smoother).

This is the ultimate day or night cream. It has everything needed for the restoration of skin. Everything about it is rich, delicious and nutritious. This is the favorite of all creams. This will be a favorite for you too.


Apply Sarah's Pearl Cream to face and neck day or night to a clean face. When you wash off, for the best anti aging results, apply Anti Wrinkle Gold Serum.

Always moisturize your face and neck in upward motions. Moisturizing is important for all skin types. In every step of skin care always use circular, upward motions with a gentle touch on your face. Don't help gravity by tugging down on your skin and remember that the skin on your face, especially around the eyes, is very delicate.


- Michele in Monaca, PA
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Pearl Cream. I should have ordered the big jar. It is so wonderful. I definitely don't have to wear foundation anymore, just a little blush. How wonderful is that???? Also, my face feels so smooth and soft. If you ever quit selling it, please teach me how to make it.


Pearl Powder, Argireline, Hyaluronic Acid, Avocado Oil, Vitamin A, Jojoba Seed Oil*, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Palm Fruit Oil*, Stearic Acid, Polysorbate 60, Phenoxyethanol, Vitamin E, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Rose Water, Roseship Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil , Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin C Ester, Provitamin B5 (DL-Panthenol), Allantoin, Neem Oil*, Rosemary Leaf Extract*, White Willow Bark Extract*, Xanthan Gum, Alcohol*, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate.(GLDA).


I am so certain of the amazing benefits of this rich, lavish Cream
I offer a 45 day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely
satisfied, simply return the product for an immediate refund (less
shipping & handling); even if the jar is empty.

Only $29.95

Use This Duo Together for mind boggling results.

Tightening & De-Aging Combo
Revolutionary anti-aging formula
delivers dramatic skin transforming
Ingredients. Restore skin's youthful
beauty with the latest technology
in anti-aging skin cell repair.

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