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Weather you want to make money selling this beauty treasure on your own, incorporate it into your business, or indulge yourself in the luxury of this precious jewel, you will find our Pearl Powder to be Pearlicious. We offer our Pearl Powder in Bulk Packages, at Wholesale prices.

Our Pearl Powder is pure, medical/pharmaceutical grade, ultra-fine, non-toxic, GMP Certified making this product a powerhouse that the entire public needs a to be aware of. In essence our Pearl Powder delivers the mineral and amino acid elements to the body in a form that the body absorbs without contraindications. Our Premium Powder not only miraculously heals the skin and body, but that we can offer at a price that works for everyone, including spa's, masseur's and health care professions who offer and sell to their clients and patients so that they can make a healthy profit.

Premium, Grade A Pearl Powder

1 (5.0 oz) Pkg - 75.00
2 (5.0 oz) Pkg - 129.95
3 (5.0 oz) Pkg - 175.00
1/2 Kg (1.1lb) - $199.95
1 Kg (2.20 lbs) - $295.00


Sarah's Deep Wrinkle
Pearl Crème

Case of 12 - 210.00

US Only

Sarah's Pearl Cream
Case of 12 - 210.00

S&H 14.95

Sarah's Pearl Cream
Case of 12 - 210.00

S&H 45.95

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