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How To Defy The Aging Process
With Finesse And Come Out A Winner

It has been said that we should "Grow old gracefully", embrace our aging looks, and surge forward. But for many, there is nothing pretty about folds,crinkles, furrows, and saggy jowls. Yes, it comes slowly, the eyes dim, our hearing gets hard, and aches and pains prevent us from doing the things we used to do; not to mention, the bones become brittle, and just one fall can crush them all to pieces. Oh my, what an ugly and perhaps exaggerated picture. So, let's get to the truth of the reality.

The truth is, age is just a number. We can defy the aging process by being eager to infuse ourselves with fresh energy and openness to change. We can't do anything about the natural aging process, however, there are things we can do to keep looking and feeling our very best. A more youthful, glowing complexion and healthy body is truly within your grasp. All it takes is a desire to have healthier skin, to take responsible for our life-style choices, and apply proper skin care techniques. You CAN reach and enjoy your elderly years with glowing, radiant skin and a bright new outlook on life, by simply re-organizing your thoughts and typical way of living.

The best advise in the world to maintain our youth is to get a good night sleep. Everyone can afford it and everyone can sleep peacefully. Sleep refreshes and nourishes and that's exactly what we need to keep our skin and body youthful. Sleep researchers say in the tranquility of sleep, our bodies heal and repair itself. The body requires at least 8 hours of sleep at night for a younger more radiant you. If you get restless and can't sleep, don't just lie there and struggle or your anxiety will increase. Think relaxing thoughts: picture yourself soothed in a tub of hot water, or drifting to sleep, or focus on each muscle relaxed, starting with your toes working up to the top of your head. Myself, I've learned to enjoy my nights up alone, in the quiet of the night. Send an email to a friend, write down your thoughts, read a scripture in the bible and meditate on it.

Quit thinking about yesterdays woes and tomorrows events. Sleepless nights are only a problem if you let them be. Once you quit fighting to get to sleep, you'll find that sleep will come naturally.

And we mustn't forget proper skin care: As time passes, our skin changes. It becomes loose, thinner, drier and wrinkled, and slower to rejuvenate. The wrinkles occur mainly as a result of the rupture of the elastin fibers and the decreasing production of collagen fibers in the dermis; the diminishing of fatty cells play a role as well as the decreasing bonds between the outer epithelial layer of the skin and the inner mesodermic layer. The main factors that damage the facial skin are, sunlight, smoking, pollution, muscle use, inadequate diet, lack of sleep, stress, genetic background, and the lowering of hormonal levels at menopause.

Skin is actually an organ - the largest organ in your body. One of the main functions of our skin is to keep out harmful bacteria, debris, and parasites. Dry, cracked skin is not able to adequately repel germs, leaving the body susceptible to infections. Proper skin care is essential to a healthy body, and vibrant skin. Good Quality Moisturizer's help to nourish and re-hydrate lost moisture and nutrients that are essential in keeping your skin intact. A good quality anti aging product can reduce skin drooping and wrinkling. Quality Skin Care Products can be your first line of defense against illness.

Eating a healthy, well balance diet keeps the years from overwhelming us. Anti-aging and food are closely related. Metabolism varies from person to person, so it is very important to be aware of how your eating habits affect your body. Most nutritionists agree that the best way to fight the negative effects of aging is with a proper nutrition plan and a proper diet. But they also agree that changing the eating habits of a person is one of the most difficult things to do, especially having a fast food restaurant every three or four blocks from your home. Nutritionists recommend starting changing your habits little by little.

Being aware of the daily nutritional values your body requires would be a good start. If possible, start taking a wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals; use supplements for the missing proteins and nutrients, and eat a wide variety of foods to gain more nutritional values within. A well-balanced diet is the most important step you can take to fight aging.

Make Calcium Part of Your Daily Life. The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) has done exhaustive study of the functions of calcium within the skin. They observed that people with low skin calcium content experience greater premature aging of the skin and greater occurrence of skin cancer. Topical calcium products provide skin repairing benefits and enhance skin cancer protection. Calcium is an extremely powerful tool for skin rejuvenation. In my research, Pearl Powder is a Calcium supplier and is the safest and most effective way to get your daily calcium intake.

Keep a Positive Mental Attitude. Talbott says, "Stress can increase oil production in the skin (via cortisol overexposure) - leading to clogged pores and an environment suitable for bacteria overgrowth. In addition, cortisol overexposure can increase inflammation, leading to greater redness of acne eruptions". Life offers us wonderful opportunities at every turn. Keep laughing and keep wondering. Stand back and don't let the daily hassles grind you down. It's too easy to become angry and cynical. There are millions of reasons not to do things, and instead lie around and dwell in our self-pity. We have to get up each day and try again. Keep searching. Stop and smell the roses. Accept. Be grateful for what you already have. Enjoy.

Prayer has proven to be the best age-defying agent in the world. So pray often and ask for peace because a peaceful life keeps the face wrinkle free, and the body healthy. That's the key ingredient to beautiful flawless skin, and a strong, healthy, pain free body.

As far as growing old gracefully, I have decided to gracefully defy the creeping process with finesse.

You will find many more anti aging tips, tricks, and techniques HERE. Don't delay, learn how defy the aging process and regain and maintain the beauty of your youth today.


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