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How to Use Pearl Powder in Skin Care

You might have noticed that Pearl Powder is a popular ingredient in a range of skin and personal care products, ranging from toothpastes, sun care products, all the way through hair care and face creams. This Article discusses what pearl powder is, why it’s such a versatile ingredient, and how you can incorporate it into your own products. At the end we have a bonus recipe for an Pearl Powder Winter Skin Serum that you or your customers will love!

Pearl Powder in skin care has long been used for its soothing, nourishing, smoothing, healing, and skin glowing properties. Pearl Powder can also be used for problematic skin because of its ability to hydrate and soothe skin so well. It has rejuvenating properties, thus its use in oral hygiene products.

However, in general it’s used as a healing agent, helping skin to be healthy. It leaves skin soft, elastic, and supple due to its ability to help slough off dead skin cells while working to absorb essential vitamins and minerals into your skin.

What is Pearl Powder Derived From?

Authentic Pearl Powder is derived from the finest pearls, then pulverized, utilizing the highest, cutting edge technology, and it appears as a off white to powder, without heavy metals, toxins or harmful chemicals.

How to Use Pearl Powder in Skin Care

Pearl Powder is water and oil soluble; it disolves quickly in creams, serum, and shampoos. Calm and soothe your winter skin by putting 1 Tbsp Powder into 16 oz of your favorite cream. (The higher quality the cream, the better performance.)

Cream – Perfect for Winter Skin

Winter weather can leave skin feeling rather unhappy as we move from cold harsh weather outside to dry heat inside. The recipe below will soothe weather ravaged skin and leave a healthy, smooth, bright glow. Pearl Powder is a star ingredient, and will provide the the best winter skin support possible!

Yields: 1 lb

Equipment You’ll Need:

Beaker or other container to heat ingredients
Hand mixer or other high shear mixer
Hot plate or stove top


Orange Blossom Distillate: % of finished Product 41.37% - Amount (lbs) .0414

Deionized Water: % of finished Product 41.37% Amount (lbs .0414

DMAE: % of finished Product 5.2% - Amount (lbs) .0052

OptiMSM: % of finished Product 5.2% - Amount (lbs) .0052

Vegetable Glycerin: % of finished Product 3.13% - Amount (lbs) .0031
(USDA Certified Organic)

Hyaluronic Acid Powder: % of finished Product 0.93% - Amount (lbs) .0009

Rosehip Seed Oil: % of finished Product 1.00% - Amount (lbs) .0010
(USDA Certified Organic)

CoQ10 Powder: % of finished Product 0.3% - Amount (lbs) .0003

Optiphen Plus: % of finished Product 1% - Amount (lbs) .0010

Pearl Powder: 1.oz
(High Quality 100%Pure, FDA Approved)


1. In a beaker or other stove top-safe container, mix together Orange Blossom Distillate, Deionized Water, DMAE, OptiMSM, and Allantoin. Heat to 150F – 160F. Let the water reach at least 150F before adding remaining ingredients.

2. In a separate container, mix together vegetable glycerin and hyaluronic acid powder. Make sure it is mixed well and not lumps are present.

3. Using your stick blender or other high shear mixer, begin mixing heated water phase. Slowly add vegetable glycerin/hyaluronic acid paste to water while high shear mixing. You will notice the water starting to form a gel, you may need to increase the speed of your mixer as the gel forms.

4. In a separate container, mix together rosehip seed oil and CoQ10 Powder. Be sure to mix well until powder is fully mixed into the oil.
5. High shear rosehip seed oil and CoQ10 powder mixture into serum until fully blended.

6. High shear Optiphen Plus into serum.

7. Let Cool! Then add Pearl Powder into the cream and mix well.

8. Pour into packaging

9. Use on cleansed, toned skin anytime

Please note that this recipe has not been challenge tested for preservation efficacy. If you use this recipe for market sales - it is up to you to ensure the safety of the product.

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Authentic Pearl Powder

Superior Pearl Powder

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