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Pephaź-Tight for Superior Skin Firming And Tightening

Pepha-Tight is a superior skin tightening active ingredient produced by DSM Nutritional Products AG. Pepha-Tight forms a thin film on the skin creating an instant, perceptible tightening effect making it a key ingredient in anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and skin tightening products that produce "instant" results!

Pepha-Tight for Immediate Skin Firming Result

Equally important, Pepha-Tight provides long-term firming when applied regularly and/or as part of an anti-wrinkle skin care regimen. It also acts as a protective shield against oxidative stress (free-radical damage caused by oxidization) and helps stimulate Collagen I which is an essential part of the skin's connective tissues (fibroblasts).

So, outside the "instant skin firming" properties, there are significant benefits form Pepha Tight as an antioxidant component and anti-aging benefits from the stimulation and promotion of collagen fibers.

In efficacy testing, Pepha-Tight showed 60% of the test group reporting measurable and noticeable skin tightening immediately after application and 67% of the test volunteers reporting tightening within the first 2 weeks. At 5% Pepha-Tight solution, volunteers reported a 220% Tightening Score versus 100% with a placebo.

Properties for Firming and Skin Tightening

Pepha-Tight tightens the skin immediately and has in parallel a long-term effect strengthening the skin's connective tissue. Loose skin is often the result of oxidative stress and damaged collagen fibers. Pepha-Tight works with short, middle, and long-range effects:

Instantaneous: Noticeable instant tightening effect and smooths wrinkles
Prevention: Encourages as a protection shield against oxidative stress
Restoration: Strengthens the connective tissue by increasing the formation of collagen I

In cosmetic and beauty applications it is used in select tightening gels, such as Nourish's Skin Tight Face Serum, lotions, and serums and can be found in high-end masks, lifting products, and de'collete' treatments.

Technical Description

Pepha-Tight is a highly purified biotechnologically produced extract from the microalga Nannochloropsis oculata combined with a well-balanced fraction of polysaccharides.

A special fermentation technology and optimal growth conditions ensure the high quality and pureness of the algae extract. In photobioreactors, Nannochloropsis oculata is optimally provided light and CO2, the essential nutrients the algae needs to survive. By means of this equipment, both the cultivation process and the algae cell culture are very good to standardize. This leads to an extremely high content and a consistent quality of active ingredients - making Pepha-Tight a superior active ingredient in skin tightening products and anti-aging and anti-wrinkle solutions.

Skin Tight Face Serum with Pephaź-Tight

Skin Tight Face Serum with Pephaź-Tight, is the most concentrated, effective instant anti wrinkle cream that tightens the skin immediately while providing positive long-term effects by strengthening the connective tissue of the skin. It is also a great eye tightening serum and lasts up to 8 hours.

Dubbed a "Face lift In A Bottle" Called, "Cinderella Skin-Tight Serum" by customers and critics alike. Fast, instant skin firming gives you smooth, wrinkle-free skin fast and effectively. A 5% Pepha-Tight formula with proven clinical results that give you "immediate" skin tightening and firming! Hyaluronic Acid (HA) provides long-term hydration to improve your skin's elasticity and healthy collagen production, while Cucumber Extract and vegetable-derived glycerin provide cell membrane repair and protection.

Plus L-Arginine called "a magic anti-aging bullet" a non-essential amino acid that promotes the production of collagen. Improves skin texture, elasticity, thickness, stimulating cell regeneration, restores moisture, reduces wrinkles and creates tighter, smoother skin.

Helps promote the formation of Collagen-1 with an advanced skin care formulation. Super-effective serum Argireline and Pullalan tighten skin around the face eliminating wrinkles, fine lines, double chin and sagging.

Skin Tight Instant skin firming face lift with Pepha-Tight. Don't wait months to see results. You will see instant skin firming results all over your facial skin in just minutes. The results last up to 6 hours. Gives instant BOTOX-like effects, safely, quickly and without the expense and pain of injections.

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