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Treat Yourself To A Spa Day At Homee

I think we can all agree that there's nothing relaxing about a pandemic. And as good as a trip to the spa or salon sounds right now, for most of us it's out of the question. So why not relieve yourself from your tension or anxiety and rest and relax by bringing the spa to your own home.

So what can you do to stay sane while keeping yourself and others safe during the virus outbreak? Instead of shoving half a bag of popcorn or a bag of cookies in your mouth to relieve your stress and boredom, give yourself some tender loving care.

Give Yourself A Soothing, Relaxing Spa Day!

Having a spa day at home can be just as relaxing, beautifying and rewarding as a day spent somewhere that depletes your pocketbook. With these simple steps you can create the perfect at-home spa day. It will rejuvenate your entire body, soothe your mind, and you'll feel like a million bucks.

This is not your typical spa day; it is designed to help you think new thoughts, nourish your inner being, and soothe your soul so you can see things in a whole new light. You will not only relax and feel content and peaceful, you will be able to withstand anything that comes your way.

At the end of your spa day, stress will be released and a new you will emerge, ready to take on a whole new view of the situation before you.

Are you ready?

Remove The Clutter:

Want to relax? Clear out the clutter. Tidy room, tidy mind! Clutter is stressful and mentally exhausting, and it makes us feel tense. So organize the space you are going to have your spa day in and make it as pleasant and relaxing as possible.

Gather what you can around your home! There are certain things you will need for your special day; A cozy robe, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and/or lavender oil, pearl powder, a fluffy bath towel, a hand towel, candles. If you don't have all of those things, don't stress, it's okay. Something comfortable to wear that you can get in and out of quickly will work or a regular towel.

But you will need some essential oils or olive oil. Don't rush to the store and buy them, remember you are going to stay home and be safe. You can order them online. Amazon has fast delivery, and their prices are comparable.

Spa Image

Set The Mood. Create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere with candles, soothing music, dim lighting, and a glass of cucumber or strawberry water. These little essentials are what make even the most mundane beauty ritual spa-like and relaxing.

Candles: There is nothing more relaxing and tranquil as a gentle flickering candle. Fill your bathroom with candles of various sizes. Use aromatherapy candles with relaxing fragrances, if you have them.

Relaxing Music: Music can help soothe your body and soul. Listen to some beautiful relaxing music, like this one, and set to low for background music as you unwind. Music can soothe the savage beast.

A Cozy Robe: The softer your robe, the more relaxing and luxurious your spa will be. Soft things are soothing, hard or sad times call for soft textures.

Spa Water

Make Some Spa-Water. Sipping on Spa Water is an easy way to enjoy your spa amenities. Fill a juice pitcher to the top with ice and strawberries, or berries and mint. Cover with cold filtered water. It is best if you let the water infuse at least 1 hour. If you want it now, poke a few holes in the fruit for instant flavor. Cucumbers and citrus are also refreshing.

2 mandarin oranges with a handful of blueberries are delicious and refreshing too. Adding basil to water gives it an amazing freshness and the fruit adds just the right amount of sweet tang. Or create your own.

Get Out Your Pearl Powder: Pearl Powder is what will make your spa day. It is all-natural and has sedative and tranquilizing properties. It absorbs into your body to help you relax and stress less. It also has a host of vitamins, amino acids, and trace minerals that soften the skin and give it a luminescent glow. A spa day isn't truly and spa day without pearl powder.

If you don't have any on hand, simply purchase some Here, it will be delivered to your door within a couple of days.

For an at-home spa regime that yields real results, you can't skip steps or skimp on products.

Start by pouring yourself a glass of strawberry or cucumber water, light your candles, slip on your robe, put on your music, and follow these steps for some serious self-pampering.

Scalp Massage To Reduce Muscle Tension

Is the situation you're in making you want to pull your hair out? Hair tugging is actually a massage therapy technique that can help reduce head tension and cause relaxation. Pull your hair gently so that you feel the scalp lift slightly.

Massaging your scalp increases blood flow and circulation in your scalp. It relaxes the nerves, reduces levels of stress hormones, and slows the heart rate.

Use the fingertips of both hands and apply gentle pressure to your scalp, moving in small circles. Work your way across your scalp to cover all areas. Try to massage your scalp using your fingertips for at least 5 minutes at a time, several times a day to relieve stress.

Watch this scalp massage video, and you'll be able to soothe yourself with a massage in under two minutes.

Hair Wrap

Slather On A Hair Mask

It's probably been a long time since you gave your hair some tender loving care. Now is the time to do so.

I will give you a couple simple recipes so you won't have to run to the store and buy anything.

The simplest one is, take your favorite shampoo and put it in a cup or bowl. Add 1/2 tsp pearl powder and mix well. Wet your hair all over, then shampoo as usual. Rinse, let dry naturally, and give it a several strokes with your bush.

Or, try mashing up an avocado, add a little pearl powder and apply directly to your hair for a shot of moisture and nourishment. Leave for 10 minutes, then rinse off with cool water.

If you opt for the avocado and pearl powder technique, while you're waiting, if you have an orange, head for the crisper. The odor of sweet orange can help release symptoms of anxiety and improve mood. Take your time and peel a nice juicy one for a dose of added calm.

Now, Feel your hair! Feel the softness, the silkiness - see the luxurious, sensuous texture.

Here are some more hair mask recipes from Age Defying Secrets .

Cleanse Your Face

Wash your face with warm water, or a gentle face cleanser. Or use pearl powder and coconut oil for a deep, gentle soothing cleanse.

Massage Your Face

Massage is one of the best stress relievers. Not only does it feel good, a face massage can reduce anxiety, relax muscle tension, and even improve sleep quality.

All you need are your fingertips and a little moisturizer. I suggest using Silk Peptide Cream.

Be careful when massaging your face. Facial skin is more delicate than on other areas of the body. Using a moisturizer that helps the fingers slide more easily can prevent skin from tearing and becoming damaged.

That's why I suggest Silk Peptide Cream. It's a slip and glide moisturizer that while you massage, it will keep your skin in tact. Almond, jojoba or olive oil can work well too.

Apply the moisturizer or oil to your hands then massage your face using gentle upward circular motions. This will help to nourish the skin and boost circulation. Massage the tight muscles in your temples and forehead, that's a good way to help headaches disappear. You might also discover your skin may begin to firm up and fine lines diminish.

Use your fingers to find the two divots where your neck muscles attach to your skull. Press firmly for 15 seconds to relieve neck tension.

Stay away from the delicate under eye area.

Face Mask

Pamper Yourself With A Spa-Like Face Mask

Every true facial should include exfoliation to cleanse the pores, and products that re-hydrate and calm the skin. That's why I choose pearl powder; it is gentle, soothing, and all-natural, and provides all the nutrients your skin requires. Pearl Powder sloughs off dead skin all the while absorbing vitamins and minerals deep into the dermis.

Put 1/2 tsp pearl powder in a bowl and add a little water in to make a paste! Or, whip up one egg white, if you have eggs, (they are in short supply right now). Add a little of the whipped egg into a bowl and add pearl powder to make a paste.

Apply the paste all over your face and neck and leave on for 15-20 minuets. In the meantime, call a good friend to see how they are doing in these stressful times, call, don't text, read a book or magazine, or close your eyes, go back to a time when everything was good- your happy place.

If you have a diffuser, drip some lavender, frankincense, or another essential oil into a diffuser. Or, mix a few drops into your favorite carrier oil (such as jojoba), rub into your hands, and inhale. The soothing scents may help send stress and anxiety packing by stimulating receptors in the nose that connect to the part of the brain that regulates emotions.

When time time is up, wash the paste off your face and let dry. Feel your face. That will put a big smile on your face and give you a new found joy.

See, you feel better already, don't you?

Here are some more delightful face mask recipes from Age Defying Secrets.


Give Your hands A Some TLC

1. Clean your nails and remove old nail polish, if any.

2. Clip, file, and shape your nails so they look neat and even. Buff tops and sides of nails lightly with a nail buffer, or buffing block (not your emery board), until you see a slight shin. This step helps to create a smooth surface, and also boosts circulation to the nail bed, giving slow growing or weak nails a shot of fresh, oxygenated blood needed to get stronger and grow faster.

3. Soak your fingertips in a bowl of warm water for 2-3 minutes, dry thoroughly with a towel. Then push back your cuticles gently with a cuticle stick.

4. Exfoliate your hands with a hand scrub to eliminate dead skin cells. Clean under nails. Wash hands afterward and dry thoroughly.

5. Moisturize your hands. Rather than wringing your hands with worry, treat them to a little TLC instead. Just a five-minute hand massage can help relieve anxiety.

Put some moisturizing cream in your hand, and use a bit more than you would typically use, and give your hands, fingers and forearms a good hand massage. Massage each joint and the webbing between each finger. Clench and release your fists. Then flex your wrists. The stretch will help relieve tension.

Not only will this hydrate your skin and nails, but it allows you a well relaxing moment.

Woman Bathing

Give Yourself An Ultra Soothing, Relaxing Spa Bath

Nothing is more relaxing than a soothing bath! The moment you step in and lie back, you will feel the tension release it's grip on you.

I love taking baths. The moment I get in, a soothing, relaxing, peace overwhelms me. It is the most calming place to sooth a weary soul.

Turn on your bath water and fill your tub half way with warm water. Add 1 tsp Pearl Powder and 3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil to the water and stir a bit. Or, put 1 tsp Pearl Powder in a small bowl or cup. Add 2 Tbsp coconut oil or jojoba oil. Mix well. Pour under the running water in the tub.

Or, simply put 2 tsp Pearl Powder under running water and hop in - MMMMM, It feels so good.

Soak for 15 minuets.

As you are soaking, tell yourself to relax. "Relax, Relax, Relax". Close your eyes and visualize yourself at a favorite place you would like to be, a sandy beach on the ocean shore. Let the ocean air and sounds soothe you. Feel the warm sand under your feet, the crashing waves, a gentle breeze ruffling your hair. Notice the pebbles and shells strewn across the sand. Walk along the beach, carefully collecting the pebbles and shells.

Or picture yourself sitting on the bank of a river on a warm, sunny day. There's a gentle breeze. Next to you is a large tree. Notice that the breeze has blown some of the leaves from the tree into the water. Watch one of the leaves as it dances in the current and slowly drifts down the river and out of sight.

Picture yourself sail boating to a new destination, running on a sunny day with the warm wind blowing across your face; a lush island, forest, or a natures surrounding.

Think about a goal you have in mind, visualize working toward it, and successfully searching it.

Fill your mind with lovely things, things that cultivate and increase love, and friendship; things you are grateful for, your pets, your family, the creativity you have, a good job well done. Things that are beautiful and good.

When the time is up, dry off slightly. Moisturizer your entire body. Now you will glow all over, even your face will shine.

Here are some more soothing spa bath recipes from Age Defying Secrets.

Foot Care

Give Your Feet Some Self Care

Our feet are often neglected, but they deserve a treat from time to time, particularly in stressful times, such as these.

Trim and file your toe nails. We take this step after bathing. Toenails are thick and easier to trim and file when softened in bath water.

Give yourself a foot massage. Use your thumbs in circular movements and press arches, big toes, small toes, balls of feet and heels.

Relaxing Foot Mask

For an invigorating treat for your feet, mix equal quantities of oatmeal, corn meal, sea salt, olive oil. Add a few Tbsp of Aloe vera gel and a tsp of pearl powder to get a mask-like consistency then add a few drops of refreshing lavender oil. Apply to feet and massage in. Leave for a few minutes then wash off.

Foot Wrap

Apply cream to your feet and put plastic wrap around them. Wrap your feet in a hot towel and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Make a hot towel! Wet a hand towel, ring out excess water, and pop in the microwave for one minute. Don't skip this step - it's the cherry on top that truly makes you feel like you are relaxing at a spa.

Here are some more tension reducing foot care recipes from Age Defying Secrets.

If you can't do them all, do some, or at least one to get you motivated.

Once you have a relaxing spa day, I truly hope you are able to relax and enjoy your seclusion more easily. You should be able to see the world and it's circumstances in a different light, using this stress releasing spa regime!

If that beach vacancy - or even a stay-cay doesn't look like it's on the hook right now or even soon, you can still find stress relief in just five minutes whenever you need it. But living in a perpetual state of stress is not sustainable.

No one knows how long this quarantine will last, but in the meantime, give yourself a facial once or twice a week (no more), and your nails and feet care once a week. Take a spa bath when you feel stressed out, and leave the world and it's mess out of your mind. Do whatever it takes to get you to the right level of chill.

Please stay safe out there. Remember, nothing lasts forever. This will be over, you can rest-assure on that. So, take care of yourself in the meantime and help others through this mess as well.

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