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Sarah's Anti-Aging Formula


Top 5 Ingredients For Aging Skincare Products

Healthy-Looking Skin at Any Age

Having a healthy-looking, glowing complexion is absolutely within reach through our 40's and beyond. Reviewing your skincare routine is a good place to start. Knowing which ingredients are effective for helping mature skin look as healthy and beautiful as possible.

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are part of our journey in life. Dull-looking skin and an uneven appearance can also show as we mature. Old scars we thought were gone for good may also become more visible. While we fully embrace aging (the alternative is decidedly much less desirable) and all of the wisdom and experience we've gained with age, we also want to look and feel beautiful and comfortable in our skin. We've selected the top 5 favorite ingredients to help our skin age gracefully and to keep us looking and feeling our best at every age.

Top 5 Aging Skin Ingredients

Sodium Hyaluronate: When skin is dry, REALLY dry, it looks like a dried up lake bed. Cracks and crevices everywhere! Sodium Hyaluronate is one of the best ways to bring moisture to dry skin. Imagine that dried up lake bed being suddenly flooded with water. This is what Sodium Hyaluronate feels like, and the best part is that with all of that moisture filling up your skin there's far less chance that your skin will resemble that lake bed at all. This is why it';s one of a favorite ingredient for aging skin. Need to know more about this amazing ingredient? Check out this Sodium Hyaluronate article.

Vitamin C: Scientific studies show that vitamin C helps reduce the appearance of aging and sun damage. Products that contain vitamin C are best used in after sun products and at night. Antioxidants: When applied topically, can help skin appear more youthful. is not only critical to the cells ability to produce energy, itís also critical to the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen is important because it makes skin appear firm and smooth, while elastin gives your skin the appearance of flexibility and elasticity. The loss of collagen and elastin can cause skin to appear wrinkled and sagging. It's no wonder this amazing ingredient made the list!

Alpha Hydroxy Acids: AHA increases the rate of exfoliation. It is a group of plant-derived acids used to smooth fine lines and surface wrinkles, to improve skin texture and tone, unblock and cleanse pores. AHA's are a class of chemical compounds that consist of a carboxylic acid substituted with a hydroxy group on the adjacent carbon...any one of several natural acids (glycolic, lactic, citric, malic). Exfoliation helps to reveal fresh skin which becomes more important as we age. Just like reading glasses turn fuzzy pages into crystal-clear text, AHA's help refresh skin's youthful crystal clarity. Article on Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

Lipids: Lipids are molecules found in cell membranes that help skin retain moisture. Lipids are fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6 and are classified as essential fatty acids. Lipids store energy, provide insulation, make up cell membranes, form water-repellent layers on leaves, and provide building blocks for hormones like testosterone. They help restore moisture and act as a natural barrier protecting the skin from our environment and from drying. Lipids regulate membrane permeability. They also serve as source for fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E, K. These powerful little molecules are a must have for aging skincare.

Scientific findings conclude that lipids in Pearl Powder diminishes free radical-induced rupture and oxidative damage to erythrocyte membrane lipids in the skin and body.

While these may be the favorite top 5 aging skin ingredients, there are many for sure. The wonderful thing about the rapidly expanding natural beauty market is that with more investment and research, more ingredients from natural sources are available than at any other time in history. I am very excited about the possibilities these ingredients offer, especially as I age. I want to feel and look my very best at age 69, and for the rest of my life!

Alpha Hydroxy Acid Cream
A vitamin enriched AHA Cream
With Hyaluronic Acid, (Sodium
Hyaluronate) for moisture boosting
and exfoliation.

Authenic Pearl Powder
Pearl Powder

Pearl Powder contains potent Antioxidants,
an abundance of Vitamins, including
Vitamin C, and Lipids that are needed
for aging skincare products.

Sarah's Pearl Cream
A potent Antioxidant, Vitamin C
enriched cream formulated with
Pure, High Quality pearl powder.
This is skins dream cream.

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